Seminar: Meeting the Transport and Accesibility Needs of Low Income Populations in Global South Cities

A seminar given by Professor Karen Lucas (INTALInC, University of Leeds) in November 2018 which gives an overview of INTALInC’s work in 2017 and 2018, including the network’s research rationale, details of INTALInC fieldwork and workshops, our findings and recommendations, and future research ideas and continuation plans.


Transport in Development, University of Leeds

Transport in Development (Developing Countries) is a three-day course hosted by the Institute for Transport Studies at the University of Leeds from 15th – 18th April 2018.

The course is open to external delegates and looks at the economic, social, financial, institutional and demographic characteristics of developing countries and their significance in providing the context for the development of transport sector policies in the Global South. Specifically, the programme examines issues such as the ways in which roads contribute to maintaining peace and stability; how equitable urban mobility can be delivered while responding to climate change; and how transport contributes to meeting a country’s goal to reduce material mortality.

Further information about the course is available here, or contact for more information.

Global Challenges in Transport, University of Oxford

Governing Transitions in Urban TransportThis programme provides decision-makers from a range of sectors with the necessary skills and expertise to address the complex challenges of sustainable transport futures. The courses attract both early-career and senior professionals, as well as academic researchers. Participants are encouraged to take an active part in the sessions, which emphasise small-group teaching, critical thinking, and debate. You will be able to draw on expertise from different sectors and disciplines to develop new insights into the challenges you encounter in your day-to-day practice or research.

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