Report – Transport and Mobilities: Meeting the needs of working women

The report of the second international INTALInC ‘Research into Practice’ workshop is now available.

The report is a summary of activity and discussions at the workshop held at the University of Asia Pacific, Bangladesh in August 2017. It also includes findings from the workshop in terms of the specific challenges faced by users of Dhaka’s transport system, and INTALInC’s recommendations for further research, capacity, and policy improvements.

‘Transport and Mobilities: Meeting the needs of working women’ brought together delegates from nine INTALInC partners, four universities in Dhaka, government officials, NGOs and development banks to look at the mobility needs of female commuters in Bangladesh.

The population of Dhaka City has increased from 300,000 in the 1950s to an estimated 9.3 million today. Physical space is severely restricted by the city’s geographical makeup and Dhaka’s infrastructure has failed to keep pace with its population explosion. Many of the city’s low income, female residents commute to work in the garment manufacturing industry and it is clear that their livelihoods and well being are negatively affected by their lack of mobility choices. The report provides a summary of presentations around these, and other key issues, and examines the challenges faced by working women in Dhaka from a number of perspectives.

Slides from presentations given at the workshop are also available.