INTALInC workshop ‘Transport and Mobilities: Pathways to transformation’

The fourth INTALInC international, research into practice workshop will take place at the University of Makerere, Kampala on 23rd-24th January 2018.

Workshop participants will include representatives of local governance organisations, NGOs and academic researchers. The event, structured in three parts, will encompass panel discussions, fieldwork activities and presentations, and will provide attendees with the opportunity to explore:

• Relationships between poverty, mobility and access to services in Kampala;
• How transport is currently organised and governed within the City;
• How transport planning and policies could be improved to meet the needs of disadvantaged groups;
• New collaborations, governance and capability needed to enhance access to sustainable mobility in Kampala;
• The evidence and research gaps for promoting pro-poor transport strategies at the local and national level;
• Key lessons and new understandings to take forward informal/formal governance arrangements for pro-poor transport in Kampala and other Ugandan cities.

For a more detailed overview of the workshop, the draft agenda is now available to download.