CEDEUS joins INTALInC as a new Latin American partner

We are delighted to welcome Centro de Desarrollo Urbano Sustentable (CEDEUS) to INTALInC.

CEDEUS is an initiative led by Universidad Católica de Chile in association with Universidad de Concepción. The centre aims to become the primary research, training and innovation centre working to identify and respond to the challenges of urban sustainability in Chile. CEDEUS seeks to understand the urban dynamics and decision making processes which encourage fair and sustained improvement in people’s quality of life in urban centres. By training and linking up researchers around key themes, and creating partnerships with external experts and practitioners, the Centre generates insight into critical issues of urban sustainable development, encouraging knowledge transfer to develop and influence public policy.

INTALInC will work closely with CEDEUS and others to grow the network and increase our understanding of issues relating to sustainable transport for disadvantaged urban populations in Latin America. To read CEDEUS’s principle researcher, Juan Antonio Carrasco’s paper on ‘Network capital, Socal networks and Travel’ in Concepción, see our Latin American case studies page.